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Effortless Tootle Balance Top-Up via Khalti App: Your Ticket to Seamless Rides in Nepal

In this digital era, wallets have transcended from physical to virtual, making life more convenient. Tootle, in collaboration with Khalti, offers users a hassle-free way to bolster their Tootle balance with a few simple taps on the Khalti app. This partnership streamlines the riding experience, ensuring smoother journeys for all.

Why Opt for Tootle Balance?

Tootle balance eliminates the need for cash during rides, providing users with a secure and convenient payment method. With balanced rides, users can securely conclude their journey by sharing a 4-digit code with the driver, ensuring a seamless and reliable transaction.

Unlock More Promos with Balanced Rides

Moreover, balanced rides come with an array of enticing promotional offers, enhancing the value and benefits for users.

Easy Steps to Top Up Your Balance:

Navigate to the "Balance" option on the home page after registering on the Tootle app.

tootle balance

Tap on "Add balance," as depicted in the image below.

tootle balance top up

Select "Khalti" to proceed, directing you to the Khalti App.

tootle balance khalti app

Enter your registered phone number on Tootle and choose "Customer" as the App type.

tootle balance details

Specify the desired amount in the provided section and proceed by selecting your preferred payment option.

tootle balance amount

Confirm the payment by tapping "OK," ensuring to verify your phone number before completing the transaction.

tootle balance success

Congratulations, Your Tootle Balance Is completed!

With your Tootle balance successfully topped up, embark on smoother and more efficient rides using Tootle’s services. Say goodbye to cash concerns and relish the convenience of digital transactions while enjoying your travels across Nepal.

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