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The Driver's 
Guide To

Tootle Drive
How to earn

Stay busy and keep earning with Tootle by finding the right times and places to drive.

How to easily
understand pays

Understand how you get paid with Tootle and how to track your earnings.

How you can get more with Tootle

Get bonuses and perks while working with Tootle and save cash. 

How to earn smarter with Tootle

Planning you earnings and learning how you can drive better with Tootle so you can stay busier on the road. This will help you maximize your earnings. 

Earn with tootle
Earn more with a plan to drive with Tootle

New to Tootle? Hear tips from other drivers and plan ahead. Hint: Busy hours are usually in the mornings and evenings. 

Maximize your earnings and stay busy

To maximize your earnings, the best way is to make sure you are always on the road accepting rides. This helps you with earning more cash, bonus and perks as well. 

Drive with Tootle
How to easily understand payments

Your payments are simple. All your earnings are reflected in the app and you can check your earning history from the app as well. Once you have earned enough, you can request for payments. 

Easily cash out from the app

Once you request for cash out from the Tootle driver app, our team will transfer the amount into your Khalti account within 24 hours. 


You keep 100% of the tips given to you by customers. We built the tip system into the Tootle app to make it easier for customers to say thank you to you and we know it is important for you. 


Tootle offers different types of bonuses to help with your earnings. Bonuses are always different and not a set thing. However, usually bonuses are offered during busy times and busy places. 

How you can get more with Tootle

We are here to help you get the most by driving with Tootle. We are always looking for partnership with other companies that are doing to help you save money or earn extra. 

Save money with tootle
Get better insurance coverage in every ride

We at Tootle care about your safety and we want you to be insured with every ride you take. With over Rs. 700,000+ benefit with every ride, you can be ensured that you are safe.

Learn more

Save money on vehicle services

Tootle and Zapp drivers get special discounts on bike maintenances with all Max bike service centers. More centers and partners are being added soon.

Insured by tootle
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